You've Got a Friend

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Title: You've Got a Friend
Creator: Melina
Date: 1999
Music: "You've Got a Friend" by James Taylor
Fandom: Highlander

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You've Got a Friend is Highlander vid by Melina.

Comments from the creator:
The whole is definitely greater than the sum of its parts in this vid. Itʼs not easy to make each clip visually interesting when you have a very limited number to choose from - I was amazed to find that Fitz had only been in seven episodes, because he feels like such an important part of the show. But maybe making each clip interesting on its own isnʼt that critical when you have the right emotional vibe and enough (just barely enough!) clips to tell the story. I think this song fits the charactersʼ relationship, and the lyrics were right to highlight their capers together. My favorite parts are the two-shots through time ("as the years go by") and the bookends of their first meeting - the fact that the dialogue fits almost perfectly under the music was pure Highlander luck. [1]


  1. ^ At the Highlander Worldwide 9 Convention in Los Angeles, Valoise presented an introductory panel on vidding in the Highlander fandom. Of the 14 vids shown, most dated from 1996-2002. This is from the notes for her presentation.