You'd fit my lonely arms so perfectly

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Title: You'd fit my lonely arms so perfectly
Author(s): boxofwonder
Date(s): November 2014 - February 2015
Length: 25k+ words; 6 chapters
Genre: AU
Fandom: Haikyuu
External Links: on AO3

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You'd fit my lonely arms so perfectly by boxofwonder is a Daisuga Haikyuu fanfiction.

The author's 8tracks playlist for the fic, You'd fit my lonely arms so perfectly (Archived link) has over 2,500 plays and is certified gold.


“Oh. You're. Not Asahi.” Calmed down enough that he can speak again, Daichi takes a deep breath, his smile settling on his face easily and wide. “Not as far as I know, no.”

Suga accidentally calls a stranger instead of his best friend, tells him all about his burned batch of cookies before realising, and that particular mistake might turn out the best one he ever made.


As of April 2019 the work has over 9.5k kudos and over 12,600 bookmarks on AO3.


Reviews & Recs

THIS. THIS IS SO FRIGGING CUTE,I LOVE IT WITH ALL MY HEART!!! I.. I can’t describe how much i love it BUT IF YOU LIKE DAISUGA AND HAVE SOME FREE TIME, GO READ IT (also bonus for the oisuga friendship and many other characters making appearances !)[1]


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