Year of The Dread Wolf

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Title: Year of The Dread Wolf
Date(s): 2017
Medium: digital
Fandom: Dragon Age
Language: English
External Links:, Tumblr
Year of The Dread Wolf.png
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The Year of The Dread Wolf is a full color Solas calendar in the Dragon Age fandom.


Year of the Dread Wolf is a Solas themed calendar by some of your favorite artists currently still stuck in solavellan hell. It was up to you, our followers, to decide what charity all of the revenue would go to, and now the votes are in and the winner has been chosen!

I am proud to announce that all proceeds will be donated to Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s No DAPL Fund. All of the earnings will be tallied at the end of February/beginning of March, and will be accompanied by screenshots to provide accountability.

The price is set at $22.50. For each Calendar sold, $10.01 will be donated. The rest goes to manufacturing costs and the publishers cut of the profit (aka’s share). Other than the standard dates for each month, the Calendar is blank so that those who don’t observe U.S. holidays can enjoy it just as much.


When the idea to do a Solas themed calendar popped in my head, I was so nervous about approaching people, thinking for sure they would assume I was a random weirdo trying to scam them. Instead, I was greeted with enthusiasm and kindness from everyone I contacted. Working with these amazing people has been so fun, and I am so proud of everyone’s pieces. Here’s a list of all the artists, in order of their months;
  • January - @theresa-draws
  • February - @bunabi
  • March - @fenedhislasagna
  • April - @pauvre-lola
  • May - @livinginthedas
  • June - @lauren-draws-things*
  • July - @smailika
  • August - @destinyapostasy
  • September - @amaryllislavellan
  • October - @neotericwitch*
  • November - @nipuni
  • December - @e-denoir


The great news is that we have OFFICIALLY raised just over $1k from sales that will all be going to Standing Rocks No Dapl Fund.[1]