Xena/Ares Fan Fiction Library

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Name: Xena/Ares Fan Fiction Library
Date(s): 2003 - 2006 (Wayback dates)
Type: het
Fandom: Xena: Warrior Princess
URL: http://www.xenaaresfiction.com/ (Wayback)
Xena-Ares Fan Fiction Library.png
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Xena/Ares Fan Fiction Library is a Xena/Ares shipper site. From the main page, 2003:

What's a "Shipper"?
A "shipper" is someone who believes in a particular relationship between two parties. As far as anyone can tell me, the term apparently originated with the fans of Star Trek: The Original Series who were partial to the Kirk/Spock relationship.
A Xena/Ares Shipper is one who believes that the relationship between Xena, Warrior Princess, and Ares, God of War, goes deeper than physical attraction. This does not necessarily discount any other relationships that Xena and Ares may have; it simply means that person believes in their relationship.
About This Library:
The Xena/Ares Fan Fiction Library houses a large number of hand picked fan fiction stories dedicated to showing the many facets of the Xena, Warrior Princess, and Ares, God of War, relationship. Some stories may focus primarily on characters other than Xena and/or Ares, but each shows something of the relationship. These stories are all in the English language, but come from all over the world. Be certain to read the "Library Site Notes" before you start too heavily into the fictions. There are certain things there that may help make your reading experience more enjoyable.
It also houses fan fiction "challenges" originating from Shipper Heaven at the Talking Xena forum. A "challenge" is an idea issued by a person to be written about by the other people that frequent the area where the challenge is posted. At the Shipper Heaven board, these challenges are not contests, but invitations for creativity. Shipper Heaven is a gathering place for Xena/Ares Shippers at the Talking Xena forum, created and maintained by Redhead and her dedicated all-volunteer staff. Talking Xena is a friendly place where the discussions cover all things Xena and span the length and breadth of the Xenaverse. Many discussions, particularly at Shipper Heaven, deal with fan fiction and bring together readers and authors of fanfic. Registration and membership is free.
The wallpapers, montages, or other items found here in the Audio/Visual section are there for your pleasure and may be downloaded for your personal use. If you would like to host them on your website, please take the time to email the artists and ask for permission to do so.