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Name: XF Road Runners
Dates: 2000-2009
Type: image site
Fandom: The X-Files
URL: http://www.xfroadrunners.com/ (Wayback)
ROAD Runners X-Files.png
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XF Road Runners is a an X-Files fan site by Megan.

Xfroadrunners.com - A Tribute To 'The X-Files'.png
xfroadrunners.com is an X-Files fan site. It contains more than 2GB of images, video clips and information. This is not a site dedicated to the actors of the show, so you will not find a lot of information about the actors. Visit our Link Directory for sites dedicated to the actors of the show. Thanks for visiting!
ROAD Runners history: Before ROAD Runners ever existed, I had a small section dedicated to The X-Files on my small and pitiful personal site (it was bright purple and used frames). Then, I decided to make a page totally dedicated to The X-Files. ROAD Runners officially opened November 4, 2000 and was hosted by Geocities. On March 25, 2001 ROAD Runners got its own domain, a new design and became a FredFarm Affiliate![1]

Description from Skinner's Debriefing Room: "To date Megan's site, XF Road Runners, has over 20,000 captures from at least 83 X-Files episodes! Another must see site loaded with high quality screen captures and a wealth of news and links. "[2]


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