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The World Cosplay Summit (abbr. WCS, jap. 世界コスプレサミット Sekai Kosupure Samitto) is an annual international contest for cosplay organized by Japanese TV station TV Aichi. The contest and a parade are held in Nagoya every year.

The "World Cosplay Summit" was created to promote international exchange through the Japanese youth culture of manga and anime.[1]


In 2003 the first World Cosplay Summit 2003 took place in Osu, Nagoya, Japan on October 12. Cosplayers from Italy, France and Germany were invited to meet with cosplayers from Japan. There was no contest that year, but events included panel discussions and a photo shooting. In November TV Aichi broadcasted a special program about the summit called “Manga wa Sekai no Kyoutsu-go".[2]

The Summit was repeated in 2004 and 8 cosplayers from Italy, France, Germany and the US followed the invitation.[2]

In 2005 a stage show was organized that served as contest for the first World Cosplay Championship.[2] Since then the Grand Champion was chosen. The Japanese company brother also sponsors a special award.

In 2012 20 countries participated: Australia, Brazil, China (PRC), Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, The Russian Federation, United Kingdom, United States.

World Cosplay Championship




Grand Champion:

Italy (Giorgia Vecchini, Francesca Dani, Emilia FATA LIVIA, Elena FATA LIVIA)

Group Champion:

France (Pauline Mesa, Laurence Guerumond, Wendy Roeltgen)

Individual Champion:

Italy (Giorgia Vecchini)

brother prize:

Japan (Nakamura-han)[3]


Grand Champion:

Brazil (Maurisio Somenzari L Olivas, Monica Somenzari L Olivas)

Runner-up: Japan B (Mariko, Cyoko)

brother Prize:

Japan A (Goldi, Aoisakuya)[4]


Grand Champion:

France (Damian Ratte, Isabelle Jeudy)


Japan B (Kikiwan, Naoki Shigure)

brother Prize:

Mexico (Linaloe Rodriguez Rivera, Alejandra Rodriguez Rivera)[5]


Grand Champion:

Brazil (Jessica Moreira Rocha Campos, Gabriel Niemietz Braz)


China (Zhao Chin, Zhang Li)

brother prize:

Japan(Osaka) (Yui, Mino)[6]


Grand Champion:

Japan (YuRi, RiE)


Spain (Berenic Serrano, Laura Fernandez)

brother prize:

United States (Elizabeth Licata, India Davis)[7]


Grand Champion:

Italy (Luca Buzzi, Giancarlo Di Pierro)

brother Prize:

Thailand (Orawan Aggavinate, Patawikorn Uttisen)[8]


Grand Champion:

Brazil (Maurício Somenzari Leite Olivas, Mônica Somenzari Leite Olivas)

2nd place (Bushiroad Prize):

Italy (Marika Roncon, Daniela Maiorana)

3rd Place (Tokai Walker Prize):

China (Deng Ya Qian, Zheng Jia Hong)

Brother Prize:

Australia (Tessa Beattie, Jessica L. Allie)

Cyperous Prize:

Netherlands (Diana De Mol, Ilona Arends)[9]



The rules and requirements for the preliminaries are set by the different organizers of the different countries.

Information about other participating countries?


In Germany the participants for the WCS are chosen annually at Connichi. The rules have been tightened a little every year. Still the interest in participation has grown. In 2006 the German team was chosen via a voting on Since 2008 Cosplayers compete on stage on Connichi. In 2012 number of participants was limited to 60 teams. A jury chooses the 20 best teams in a preliminary round for the stage performance.

In comparison to the selection procedure of German Cosplay Championship (DCM) the German WCS competition set a higher value on the quality of stage performance.

World Cosplay Summit Team Germany, official site (German)

Members of the German WCS team:

  • 2003: Cindy Schuster, Anja Burghardt
  • 2004: Anne Behl, Paula Riemann
  • 2005: Anja Burghardt, Anne-Catherine Rose, Stephanie Kienast, Young-Ji Kwon
  • 2006:Daniela Güldenpfennig, Tanja Reschke
  • 2007: Katharina Oberender, Anna Degenhard
  • 2008: Ann-Katharine Fischinger, Katharina Wehrmann
  • 2009: Calssara, Iris Herrmann
  • 2010: Désirée Richter, Brigitte Böttcher
  • 2011: Calssara, Iris Herrmann
  • 2012: Claudia Heinrich, Anna Maxeiner
  • 2013: Daniela Barmetler, Beate Kohler ("Team Cherry Sky")[10]