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Name: The World's Finest
Dates: 1998 - present
Type: canon resources; information, screencaps, interviews, etc., forum
Fandom: DC Comics cartoons and animated films
Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr
DC Animation Forum
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The World's Finest is a DC Comics animated shows and films canon resource hosted by It has the latest news about animated shows and films along with various types of information on them such as information, interviews, screencaps and they review each episode/film.

Each animated show or film has several pages dedicated to them and are separated by the following categories: Bios, Episodes, Guides, Backstage, Releases, and Media.

"The World's Finest covers DC animation from 1992 to today! Easily the best site of its kind online, with the most in-depth information and coverage around, this site is an invaluable resource and the absolute authority on all things DC animated! With a host of exclusive content, in-depth reviews, extensive episode guides, behind-the-scenes material, and much more, there is always something new to discover! This site covers it all, from Batman: The Animated Series to the latest programs, features, and everything else in-between![1]"


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