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Mailing List
Name: Wolfsheads
Date(s): 2004 - 2005 (?)
Moderated: Yes
Moderators/List Maintainers: Janet Reedman and Dan Rendell
Type: discussion
Fandom: Robin of Sherwood
URL: archive link
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Wolfsheads was a mailing list in Robin of Sherwood fandom.

This forum is dedicated to the HTV series "Robin of Sherwood."

Here you are free to discuss, without censure, all aspects of the series - the cast and their other projects - and any related non-Robin topics such as Mythology,Folklore, and related film and tv. PLEASE, No discussions of your pets,family illnesses etc. :-)

Many of those coming here have expressed dismay, like ourselves, at the current hostilities and rifts displayed in the RoS fandom. It evolved from a select few who desire nothing more than 'control' over what others say and feel. These person(s) who do not require naming, have bullied and black-balled many good devotees over the years into being silent and supportive, causing some to leave the fandom altogether or limit their contributions. As an example, why not look at the other RoS Yahoo list. With it's 500+ members, you have to ask yourself why only a small handful seem to post? It has got to a stage where intelligent, honest appraisals and debate cannot be exercised without this 'ruling' minority attacking people's right to reply all because some individual's views contradict their "fluffy" beliefs. Many of us have been long-term fans since the show first aired and have forged personal relationships with the cast and put alot of good, hard effort and time to promoting the show and its cast. Some seem to take exception to this and are even possibly resentful. We take exception to the fact that good people have been driven out of the fandom. Being fans does not mean you have to like everything, and being silent and supportive just will not do. It saddens us that it has come to this where only approved members can debate, unabated. Here, without fear of censorship or hostility you can share your thoughts and feelings with the rest of the group.


The list goes defunct sometime after 2005.