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Title: Wolf
Author(s): Kelli Rocherolle
Fandom: X-Files
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Wolf is an X-Files story by Kelli Rocherolle.

Reactions and Reviews

I had only been on the net for a few weeks when I came across the gossamer archive <pause for moment's silence...> by fluke. It was January at the time, but I went to the May listings, b/c I didn't want to read any fanfic that would give spoilers of eps I hadn't seen. I picked one whose title I liked the sound of... "Wolf" by Kelli Rocherolle.

Wow! I was just blown away! Not just by the story and the great author, but also by the fact that someone had written a story where Mulder and Scully showed lustful feelings towards each other (I was such a babe in the woods at the time... <g>). Then, when I was only halfway through the story, a phone call came in and cut off my modem. Still being a novice, I hadn't thought to note down the address of that site - so I spent the next two weeks doing frantic searches under "wolf"!!

I finally found it again and finished the story and my fanfic obsession was born. :) [1]


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