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Wobblevision is the practice of acting out episodes of a series using small plastic dolls. It was invented by Emma Peel for Blake's 7 in around 2001. Posed dolls and props are photographed and then the photos are put together with short captions to recount the episode. The makers attempt to emulate, and even exceed, the dodgy production values and occasionally wooden acting of the original series.[1]

Subsequently, live-action Wobblevision evolved, in which fans take the part of the dolls, and strive to act just as plastic-y. This became a popular activity at conventions such as Redemption. Casting is done at random and no props are allowed other than those the participants happen to be carrying. The final episode of Blake's 7 was completed at Redemption 2009,[2] and the radio play, A Sevenfold Crown, was recreated at Redemption 2011.[3]

The complete Blake's 7 in Wobblevision format (a mix of doll & live action) was hosted at Emma's Avoniverse website, now defunct. It is currently archived at Louise and Simon's Blakes 7 Fan Site.[4]

Other Fandoms

A live-action Wobblevision for Sherlock was organised by Kalypso in June 2012, and recreated 'The Reichenbach Fall'. A similar idea, independently created in Supernatural fandom, is The Plastic Winchester Theater, which uses customised Ken Dolls.[5]


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