Wintersend Exchange

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Name: Wintersend Exchange
Date(s): 2015-2017
Type: fanfiction, fan art
Fandom: Dragon Age
Associated Community:
URL: The Wintersend Exchange on Tumblr
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The Wintersend Exchange is an annual winter fic and art exchange centering around the girls and women of Dragon Age. You will be assigned (mostly) randomly to another participant and create a piece of fic or art for them, and you will receive a fic or illustration of your own in return. Basically, it’s a chance to get together, make great stuff, and celebrate our favorite female characters.

The exchange is run through AO3, and our collection is here.

Need more details? Check out our very detailed FAQ. Never done an exchange before? Here’s AO3’s own guide, or have a look at the Wintersend sign-up guide. Any questions we haven’t answered? Drop us an ask, or e-mail us at wintersend.exch at gmail.


1. Fics must a minimum of 1,000 words, and be of a quality that you’d be happy to receive as a gift. There is no maximum word count.

2. Art must be polished, a minimum of 600x400 pixels, and be of a quality that you’d be happy to receive as a gift. There is no maximum size for art or page limit for comics. Art must be hand or digitally drawn.

3. Submissions may be any rating.

4. 4. Submissions, whether gen or romantic, must be focused on a female character. You may include male characters where necessary, but the female characters preoccupation and/or relationship with them should not be the main focus of your story.

5. Please don’t talk about the specifics of your assignment in public until the creators are revealed. We’d like it to be a surprise for everyone.

6. Gifts can’t be part of a previously posted series.

7. Don’t be a jerk.