Window Shopping

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Title: Window Shopping
Author(s): Helen Patrick
Date(s): 2000
Genre: femslash, slash
Fandom: Blake's 7
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Window Shopping is a Jenna/OFC, Blake/Avon Blake's 7 story by Helen Patrick.

It was originally printed in the zine Fire and Ice #6.

Reactions and Reviews

I'm a little surprised to find this story in here, because, although there's a definite A/B element, it's primarily a Jenna/ocf story. It's a good, well-written Jenna/ocf story, but, to be honest, f/f doesn't generally do all that much for me, so I'm a little sorry there wasn't more focus on the A/B.[1]

As the other reviews noted, this is hardly B/A at all. Even with that warning, I was still bemused by the fact that I was reading a fic about Jenna trying on bras in the middle of 'Fire and Ice' all the way through reading this one. That said, there's not nearly enough femslash in the fandom and this is a good example of the same. I enjoyed.[2]

Even the author was quite bemused to be reading it in Fire & Ice, as it had been submitted to a different zine series published by the same editor.[3]

Helen Patrick's 'Window Shopping' starts from the well-established premise of Jenna's disappointment on finding out that Blake fancies Avon, rather than her - except that in this case Jenna's subsequent retail therapy results in her seduction by an Avonically dark-eyed assistant in a shop selling women's lingerie. In other words, 'Window Shopping' is an f/f version of the fetish-based 'Plot? What Plot?' story, although Jenna's encounter has more ongoing effects than the average PWP, prompting her to act on her attraction to Cally and to sort out the misunderstanding between Blake and Avon.

<..> Three more stories separate sex and emotion, giving detailed accountes of sexual activity but withholding the characters' emotional reactions or reserving them until later in the narrative - a technique that works well for the unsouciant erotica of 'Window Shopping' [4]


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