Wicked Eyes

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Title: Wicked Eyes
Type: art anthology
Date(s): 2017
Medium: print
Size: 32+ pages, A5
Fandom: Dragon Age
Language: English
External Links: tumblr, etsy
Wicked Eyes.png
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Wicked Eyes is a zine in the Dragon Age fandom.


The Gentlefolk of Thedas are hosting a ball, put on your finest clothes for all are invited to

WICKED EYES: A Dragon Age Finery Zine

From the harrowing halls of Halamshiral to the deepest corners of the Fade, witness these miracles of fashion brought to light! This zine features illustrations and sketches from 11 talented artists, all celebrating their passion for fantasy finery. This zine featuers primarily original characters, with cameos from some of your favorite Dragon Age love interests!

  • A5 (~5.83x8.27″)
  • 32+ pages
  • full color
  • perfect bound
  • gold foil stamped cover

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