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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Whispers
Author: gothikmaus
Dates: June 2000 – present
Fandom: Harry Potter, Hawaii Five-0, Richy Guitar, Sherlock Holmes/Sherlock, Star Trek, Die Ärzte, The Cure, others
URL: www.doitcomics.net/whispers/
whispers.arithmancy.net (2004–2007)
www.wild-swans.net/whispers/ (c.2002–2004)
www.geocities.com/italianwhispers (2000–c.2002)
Whispers, Version 10.0 (2017).
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Whispers is the fanfiction site for gothikmaus, also known as Ligeia. It was also home to gothikmaus's fanart, until the art was moved to a separate section of gothikmaus's site.

The site was started on GeoCities in June 2000 and was originally dedicated to Ligeia's The Cure slash.[1]

Fanfiction on the site is primarily in English, but there are also stories in Italian and a few in German.


Whispers first appeared on line at the end of June in the year 2000. It was hosted at Geocities at first, then someone who liked my stories offered me some free webspace and I happily accepted. After a while I found a new home at http://arithmancy.net thanks to Isis. Unfortunately, at the beginning of 2007 the domain was deleted by the hosting company, so I had to move again. I'm hosted at doitcomics.net now and hope it'll last.[2]


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