Where Is My Mind?

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Title: Where Is My Mind?
Creator: LittleLinden
Date: November 12, 2007
Length: 03:20
Music: "Where Is My Mind" by Pixies
Genre: character study
Fandom: Life on Mars (UK)
Footage: original source material
*Vid on YouTube
*Vidder's YouTube Page

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"Where Is My Mind" is a Life on Mars (UK) vid by LittleLinden. It is a character study of Sam Tyler. It was uploaded to the vidder's YouTube Page on November 12, 2007.

From Vidder's Notes: "Sam is standing on the roof wondering where his mind is, or something like that."


This vid was recommended by fawsley on Crack Van on November 26, 2010: "I *love* The Pixies, and this is my favourite track of theirs, plus I love Life on Mars of course so this pushes all my buttons. It's very tightly made using a number of moments that tend not to crop up in fanvids so often, as well as a nice gathering of good ol' classics. The timing is spot-on, really uses the lyrics and mood of the song to their full advantage, and the opening and closing are just fab. It's been around for three years and I still haven't tired of hitting 'repeat'. Enjoy!"