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Fan Club
Name: Western Weyr Fan Club
Dates: 1993?-?
Leadership: Shirley Hagstrom
Country based in:
Focus: Pern
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April 1993

"Western Weyr is a Dragonriders of Pern (tm) Fan Club based in the turn 2626, about 75 turns after the end of Threadfall. In storie, art, song and whatever else is printable (grin), we explore life after Threadfall.

Western Weyr is an Island Weyr, located about 250 miles southwest of Tillek, in the Western Ring Islands..

Currently, the island itself isn't named, but we will be having a contest to 'name that island'.

For more information on the Fan Club, you can send a self-addressed-stamped-envelope to:

[address redacted]


Send me email with your snail-mail address if you have an aversion to SASE and I'll mail you a copy of the fact pack and origin story anyway.

[email address redacted]

Members can send stories and other materials for our newsletter, 'Weyr Watch' and our future proposed fanzine 'Wings West' to the email address, but not artwork, since I can't take scanned artwork, even uunencoded stuff, since my emailer is too primitive to handle it. Just send text via email.."[1]

June 1993

"I'm glad to say that Western Weyr has got the ball rolling and we will be producing our first newsletter, Weyr Watch, on July 1. We are new amoung the Pern fan clubs and soo far, the only one that accepts 'All the Weyrs of Pern' in our timeline, but it has generated a lot of debate and curiousity as to what Pern would be like without thread.

If you like to write stories about your characters or draw pictures of them and would like to share this with others, please let me know by sending me your postal address via email. I will send you a copy of our fact-pack.

Membership dues are only $12.00, since we are just starting out and don't yet have 150+ page newsletters to mail out like many of the older clubs, but I will try everything in my power to keep the printing and mailing costs down, but produce a quality newsletter..

For those who wondered about shipfish, we have characters who are relearning the lost art of dolphineering and speaking with shipfish..They are called Dolphinsingers, due to a Harper saying the dolphins taling, sounded like singing..:) Its a young craft, but Master Dathan and the dolphins are working together well..:)

We will be at WorldCon (San Francisco), WesterCon. San Diego Comic Con and LosCon this year..Look for us at the ConFurence table."[2]


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