West of the Moon (Lord of the Rings series)

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Are you looking for the West of the Moon (archive), a Lord of the Rings fan fiction archive?

Title: West of the Moon
Author(s): Mary Borsellino
Fandom(s): Lord of the Rings
External Links: West of the Moon website
uncredited artwork on the website

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West of the Moon is a online series of fan fiction stories written by Mary Borsellino as a sequel to Pretty Good Year.

From the website: "Not so much a sequel as a following of loose threads, West of the Moon is comprised of the tales by Mary Borsellino dealing with the characters after the end of Pretty Good Year. This site collects the disparate stories which together make up the West cycle, plus related fan artwork created by readers. Stories are posted in order of being written, not in chronological order, and contain spoilers for the 'Pretty Good Year' sequence of stories."

A second series called East of the Sun is also collected on the website.

West of the Moon

artwork inspired by West of the Moon, artist: slipstream
Sam and Frodo kissing, artist: Hyel
Portrait of Frodo artist: Olivia Melton

East of the Sun: