We Will Never Pass This Way Again

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Title: We Will Never Pass This Way Again (or "Never Pass This Way Again")
Creator: Mary Van Duesen
Date: pre-1993 or earlier
Format: VHS
Music: "Never Pass This Way Again" by Seals and Croft
Fandom: Quantum Leap
Footage: Quantum Leap
URL: remastered version online

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We Will Never Pass This Way Again is a VCR era fan vid edited by Mary Van Duesen set to the TV series Quantum Leap.


"I am not really a fan of Quantum Leap, but since I have friends who are, I have watched a fair assortment of the episodes, and even have a favorite (the Chimps). My personal favorite of the Quantum Leap vids that Mary sent me is We Will Never Pass This Way (I presume the title is the chorus lyric). Both the show and the songs that suit it are a bit sentimental for my taste, but I have my sentimental favorites, too. In this vid, again, the images and music came together to good effect. The leaps are the most striking visual image of the show, and I thought that that brief moment, which encompasses years, melded in a touching way with lyrics that sing of seizing the best of the moment in tones that reverberate with the nostalgia of fond memories and lost chances. And that the repetition of that powerful image increased the effect of the song for me. On viewing the vid again after watching the rather unnerving end of the show, I realized that Mary had the luck or the foresight to create a vid which doubles the poignance of its missed opportunity."."[1]


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