Wasteland Blues

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Title: Wasteland Blues
Type: art anthology
Date(s): 2018
Medium: print, PDF
Fandom: Fallout
Language: English
External Links: tumblr, tictail
Wasteland Blues.png
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Wasteland Blues is an art zine in the Fallout fandom.


Wasteland Blues: A Fallout Zine; a perfect-bound, full-color original art zine featuring 40+ pieces of art. To be delivered after pre-orders close on November 25th.
Wasteland Blues is a zine dedicated to the canonical universe of Fallout and all that inhabits it. This zine will focus on any canonical characters and creatures in any of the Fallout universes, including any previews released about the latest Fallout 76.

Pieces can be with characters and/or creatures, a parody of something existing in the Fallout universe (i.e. a pin-up advertisement, a mock magazine cover, a made-up advertisement for a product existing in the canon universe, etc. etc.), or purely environmental in nature. These works must be original and not direct reproductions of existing posters, mag covers, etc. in the game. Artists’ own original characters/playable Fallout characters can be included, but to keep them recognizable and in-canon, they must be present in their original vault suits.

Artists chosen will be required to use Discord and must be available via email and Discord. Participants are never required to use voice chat, but must be available to receive pings and direct messages (DMs).

This will be a for-profit zine with merchandise; after production costs, all artists will receive an equal monetary split and a free physical and PDF copy of the zine as well as the option to purchase any merchandise/extra book copies at base price. The cover artist will receive 2x this profit amount, and 5% of total profits before the split will go to the host.



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Merch Artists

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