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Star Trek Convention
Name: Warp
Dates: 1993, 1996
Type: fan run fan con
Focus: Star Trek
Founding Date:
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Warp is a Star Trek convention. There were two.

Warp One

Warp One was held April 30th-May 3, 1993 at the Middleton Tower Holiday Centre in Morecambe, Lancaster, England.

It was the 35th British Star Trek Convention. GOH: Marina Sirtis, Alexander Siddig and Richard Arnold. This Convention was the first to have a baby born at the event. Child (Girl - Amanda Emily Marie Rowe) then later re-entered the convention at age 8 hours old having been checked by the local Hospital Staff as fit and well at Lancaster Royal Infirmary.

Warp One: Con Reports

A fan, who saw a lot of behind the scenes action, comments on the 1993 con:

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." I think I can safely say that Warp One lived up to both of these sentiments throughout the course of the weekend. Although it will not go down in my book as a Con to be remembered, the committee should be congratulated on managing to organise a convention with over 1600 people arriving through the doors... After the Opening Ceremony I set off for the Steward's briefing room. It was most unusual to hear a Chief Steward announce that the convention was oversubscribed with stewards; there weren't enough jobs to go around! How then did it transpire that myself and a friend ended up stewarding video rooms 3 & 4 for five hours on Friday evening, finally giving up at 4.15 a.m. on Saturday morning? Might I suggest that for future conventions, the Chief Stewards should keep their mouths shut, especially since this con quite clearly did not have adequate cover for the late evening video rooms? I also question the programming of certain items; the latest TNG 6th season episodes were always being shown against guest talks, the business meeting, or at some ungodly hour of the night i.e. between 1.00 a.m. and 8.00 a.m. None of the latest TNG 6th season were shown between,6.00 p.m. and 11.00 p.m. And whose bright idea was it to put the guests on back-to-back?!... The Alternative Programme ran throughout the weekend and included panels, adult zine readings, a team quiz, Klingon language lessons and a nostalgia evening. This programme was definitely a good idea. The fancy Dress on Saturday evening was a complete and utter farce! For the first time ever, I did not bother to stay around for the end. With over 35 entrants, even the judges (Richard Arnold and two unknowns) were thoroughly bored with the proceedings... The Steward's Party on Sunday evening was a bit of a damp squib. No guests were available for an impromptu natter (not even Richard Arnold), although the Chief Steward did come round with a very nice present for everyone and a personal thank you. What was very annoying was the fact that many stewards were unable to obtain autographs of the guests. Normally there would be an opportunity at the Steward's Party but, at this con, the stewards had to stand in line with everyone else. Too bad if they were due to go on duty.... Finally the committee began their thanks; everyone was thanked, even the road sweeper, everyone except the Stewards!!! And then came the announcement that £10,000 had been raised for charity. Now those of us who "have been around the con scene for a few years know only too well that the money going to charity should only be the surplus after the con bills have been paid. However, £10,000 does not constitute a surplus in my book. I think part of our registration money went direct to charity instead of being given back to the attendees. The choice of giving money to charity should be left with the attendees, not with the committee." [1]

A fan, who was not involved in the running of the con, comments on the 1993 con:

"On 30th April I went to my first Star Trek convention and I must say that to meet like-minded people was very refreshing. I have been a fan for twenty years or more but have not managed to get to a con before and, of course, it gave me the chance to wear my uniform. At the con there were four video rooms going for nearly 24 hours a day and, as I do not have SKY TV, I was able to see a lot of the 6th season Next Gen and also my first viewing of DS9; once we get to know the characters of this new series I think they will find a place in the Star Trek family. I also met some nice people and I would like to thank some nice Klingons who took time out to let me take my son's photo with them. We both took in the full weekend which went all too fast. I was most pleased to obtain Marina Sirtis' autograph; it made my whole weekend! We did, of course, have a few "downs' as well. I found a lot of the items for sale in the dealer's room were vastly over-priced and I do believe than some (though by no means all) dealers are taking us for a ride. Also, with so many people there, you always bump into the odd one who isn't very pleasant company which tends to put a damper on things. All in all we had a very good weekend; there was a lot to do and I'm looking forward to my next con. I would like to thank all the people who helped to make it a weekend for me and my family to remember." [2]

Warp Two

Warp Two was held May 2-6, 1996 at the Cardiff International Arena. Confirmed guests: Nana Visitor, Robert Picardo, Walter Koenig, Mark Lenard, Richard Arnold. It was the 41st British Star Trek Convention.


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