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Character Group
Name: Wammy's house, Wammy kids, Wammy boys
Fandom: Death Note
Members: Beyond Birthday, A, L Lawliet, Mello (Death Note), Near (Death Note), Matt (Death Note), Linda
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'Wammy's House, Wammy kids, and Wammy boys are terms used by the Death Note fandom to refer to the characters who grew up in an orphanage and school for gifted children established by Quillsh Wammy (aka Watari). Many of these characters appear in the original series trying to track down Kira and solve the case, but a few only appear in spinoff materials and are not detectives.


Quillsh Wammy created an orphanage for gifted children, of whom the most prominent was L, who became a world-famous detective. Wammy and his orphanage tried to replicate L's success by raising other children to be L's successor.

The characters from Whammy's house who appear in the main story (beside L and Watari) are Mello, Near, and Matt, who are part of the current "generation" of Wammy's House and in the running to become L's successor. By the end of the story, Near claims that title.

The spinoff novel Death Note: Another Note focusses on Beyond Birthday, an earlier candidate to be L's successor who left Whammy's House several years ago and became a serial killer.

Linda, A, and several other children from Wammy's House are mentioned in Another Note and other spinoff material.


A lot of fan content focuses on Mello, Near, and Matt, as the characters of the same age group who are most recently associated with Whammy's House, or L along with these characters. However, some content for Beyond Birthday, Linda or other characters from the spinoff stories who were raised in the orphanage will also use the group name.

A common type of fan content is AUs in which L is involved in the childhoods of the younger members, such as fanart of L playing with or taking care of younger-than-canon Mello, Near, and Matt.

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