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Name: Wafflestories
Alias(es): wafflebloggies, waffleguppies
Type: Fanfic
Fandoms: Portal, Doctor Who, Sherlock
Communities: FFN
URL: On Tumblr, On FFN, On Livejournal
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Wafflestories was a fanfiction author who may be most well known for writing the Portal fanfic Blue Sky in 2011. Wafflestories has not been active across any social media since they last made posts on Tumblr in 2018.[1]

Wafflestories has little about themselves on their Fanfiction.net profile and does not usually employ the making of notes before or after chapters. Wafflestories has a Tumblr where they post their art called WaffleBloggies, renamed waffleguppies sometime after 2020[2] They also had a Livejournal called Wafflestories[3] where the fanfic was posted, however this has been inactive since 2012. Waffle made a handful of other fanfiction in the Blue Sky universe though most aren't on their FFN. A list can be found on the Tumblr titled imreallyhereforportal.[4]

I like writing and drawing, Sherlock, Portal II, Doctor Who, and a billion other fandoms. A lot of my better stuff is also up on my LJ over at http:/// and I have a tumblr for all the daft stuff I like; http:/// . Waffles, we're done here.
Wafflestories's Fanfiction.net description, May 2022



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