The Watchers and Fans of Star Trek Society

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Fan Club
Name: The Watchers and Fans of Star Trek Society
Dates: 1976
Founder(s): Richard Secrist (president), C. Robert Stevens (vice president)
Country based in: Dallas, Texas
Focus: Star Trek
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The Watchers and Fans of Star Trek Society was a Star Trek fan club out of Tennessee.

club letterhead, addresses redacted

It published Horta.

From Horta # 5 02/04 1977: "Since the publication of the first Horta in May of '76, WAFSTS has grown in membership by 308%. Until recently, I have assumed the cost of publishing Horta for all of you. Due to rising costs and membership, however, I am forced to request a fee of 26¢ per issue starting with the next publication of Horta #6,(the anniversary Art/Lit. issue). The 26¢ fee was set so members could easily pay the cost in two 13¢ stamps. (A S.A.S.E. will still be required for mail subscribers.) Local members who receive "personal delivery" will also be required to pay the 26__ (or two stamps) for their Horta. Contributors who have their submissions published in a forthcoming Horta will receive that issue "free."