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Name: Volstovic Cycle
Abbreviation(s): Havemercy
Creator: Jaida Jones & Danielle Bennett
Date(s): 2008-2011
Medium: books
Country of Origin:
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The Volstovic Cycle, also known as Havemercy, is a 4-book series written by Jaida Jones of The Shoebox Project fame and Danielle Bennett.

Volstovic Cycle


  • Havemercy (2008)
  • Shadow Magic (2009)
  • Dragon Soul (2010)
  • Steelhands (2011)


  • The Unstable Boy

The Unstable Boy is a short story focused on Rook.

The Fandom

The Havemercy was originally centered around the Thremedon community on Livejournal, but moved to Tumblr around the end of 2012. The fandom first relocated to the "#Havemercy" tag on Tumblr, but due to overlap with a band of the same name, eventually the tag "#Volstovic Cycle" was adopted and is now generally used to post fanworks and discussions. The fandom is quite small but has enjoyed a loyal following of around 20 active fans over the past few years.


The fandom spans a wide variety of ships. The main ones are arguably Hal/Royston, whose romance is canon in the first book, and Rook/Thom, though none of the ships have a great dominance over the others. Ships between the airmen are also common, most notably Ivory/Raphael. Popular ships from the later books are Caius/Alcibiades, Antoinette/Anastasia, Kalim/Malahide, and Laure/Adamo.

Fandom projects

  • The Airmen Pinup Calendar

The Airmen Pinup Calendar was a fanart project run in 2013 to off-set the shipping costs for the Doodlebook Project/Travelling Book Project. Eight fanartists created pinup-style fanart of the fourteen airmen from the first Havemercy book, which were sold as a calendar on Redbubble. foxesonstilts is currently working on a 2017 update of the Airmen Calendar as a solo project.


  • Volstovic Cycle Festive Exchange

The Festive Exchange is a holiday gift exchange run on Tumblr, informally known as Festivebastion. It is open to gift requests for all characters and ships, and the gifts are allowed to be either fanfic or fanart. Participants are required to request three gift prompts and offer at least three in return so as to enable fair matching in the small fandom. Many participants make bucket offers or bucket offers with exceptions. The Exchange has no permanent moderators: it was originally run by reshki and later picked up by foxesonstilts. In 2015 the Festivebastion community was created to house the exchange.

  • Volstovic Cycle Remix

Popular fics


sed erat fiducia dispar by aliferlia

"They said, in after years, that we hated each other. I am not sure that we ever did." Not-really kinda-sorta almost-maybe Antoinette/Anastasia, because why not.

Five Colours Antoinette And Anastasia Wear Well Together by moonix

...and one they don't.

Esarina Anastasia of Volstov, first of her name by nerakrose

Anastasia leaves Thremedon in Antoinette's capable hands while she leads an army against Cheongju pirates.


Take My Waking Slow by windfallswest

Hal actually was asleep when Royston returned home.

this wide quietness by aliferlia

"I felt quite acutely the troubles of a human child in love with a god."


Lessons in Flying by luvanderwon and moonix

Taking place before Havemercy, this story follows the early adventures of the Dragon Corps and how they learn to fly. Featuring poetic disasters, unsolved mysteries, very accurate weather forecasts, dragons who know what's up, incredibly understanding prostitutes, oodles of denial, various sexual awakenings, unwelcome siblings, thinly veiled jokes about stabbing, and as many uncomfortable situations as possible!

Life After Death by moonix

Post Steelhands, Bamf Pirate Ghislain brings back another survivor from the depths of a remote Ke'Han war prison, to be nursed back to health by the remaining airmen on the Greylace Estate, one of which is rather more invested than the others.

Life is for the Living by moonix

Interdimensional portals have started popping up over the Cobalts, and despite Adamo's orders to stay well away, Raphael manages to strand himself and Natalia in an alternate reality for a week. There, he gets a surprisingly warm welcome by alternate versions of the airmen, who are all very friendly and very gay. When Raphael has to go back to his world, it is a heartbreaking goodbye, but he is armed with a killer pizza recipe, an arsenal of rainbow flags and Bon Jovi songs, and the knowledge that in another world, Ivory loves him back...

Molasses by nerakrose

The "for sale" sign in the window next door has been gone for a week.


Reporting For Duty by luvanderwon

In which Laure salutes a lot, Adamo is really not her commanding officer, the dragons are difficult and literally nobody likes Troius. Post-Steelhands.

Diplomatic Negotiations by capncrystal

Four arguments Laure won (and one she didn't).

Paper Faces On Parade by capncrystal

Two years after the Esarina assumes the throne, she puts on a ball to formally honor the Dragon Guard (and announce their existence). Everyone is invited. Everyone attends.


souffre avec le café by InRetrospect

Rook and Thom, hipster brothers trekking across Europe- or, at least, are planning on it. "Everyone goes to Paris,” Rook finally mutters.

Designation: Havemercy; Classification: Mark-3 by epithalamium

‘Still, don’t you wanna know what it’s like?’

‘Having someone inside your head and vice versa?’ said Thom, raising his eyebrows. ‘Like getting fucked in the brains, I’d think. Without lubrication.’

In Thunder, Lightning, or in Rain by nebulia

patron saint of whores by epithalamium and nerakrose

It's a regular night out in Thremedon for Thom and his brother's band - or as regular as it gets to be, with Greylace in personal attendance and multiple dates happening at once. And what's with the coming back from dead, anyway?

Popular art

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