Voices from the Past (Blake's 7 filk zine)

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Filk Songbook
Title: Voices from the Past
Publisher: Gambit
Editor(s): Fiona Undy and Narrelle Harris
Date(s): 1986, 1996
Medium: print
Subject: Blake's 7
Language: English
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Voices from the Past is a gen Blake's 7 filk 28-page zine, lyrics to filk tape of same name by musical group Gambit. The lyrics are all by Narrelle M. Harris. This zine was published in Australia.

In 1986, the two fans took the master recordings of their songs and released them on cassette tape. Details can be found archived here. The tape sold for $11 plus shipping.

From an ad posted to Lysator on October 13, 1996:
"Remember the classic BBC science fiction series 'Blake's 7'?

Well, in 1986 two Australian B7 fans, Narrelle Harris and Fiona Undy, put together a musical tribute to the show, a songtape called 'Voices from the Past'. Composing 12 songs with original tunes and lyrics, it covered what they saw as the four seasons of 'Blake's 7': Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

The result is an unconventional collection covering a variety of styles, from pop to rock. Each character from the series is focused on in his or her own song, with resonances ranging from hope to despair. The tape captures nicely the range of characters and emotions that made the series so memorable.

Now, ten years later and after interest from the new generation of B7 fans, Narrelle has decided to dust off the master copies and make 'Voices from the Past' available through the Net. If you'd like to find out more, steer your Web browser to:


...and follow the link from there! The 'Voices from the Past' site includes descriptions of all the songs plus a selection of sound clips from the tape, so you can listen before you order a copy. All order details are available on the site, as well as a number of B7 and Filksong links. Please note that this is a non-professional, low-profit venture done for the love of it, and no attempt is made to supersede the holders of original copyrights.

We hope you enjoy the site and sounds! "



  • Fiona Undy and Narrelle M. Harris, "Voices from the Rubber Room" (editorial)


  • "Prometheus Unbound (Blake)" (music by Fiona Undy)
  • "Delta's Son (Vila)" (music by Fiona Undy)
  • "Enchantress (Cally)" (music by Fiona Undy)


  • "7 Card Stud (2nd Season Crew to Blake)" (music by Cameron Undy)
  • "Corsair (Jenna)" (music by Fiona Undy)
  • "Servalan-- The Package Deal" (My Favorite Things, from The Sound of Music)


  • "Farewell (Avon to Blake)" (music by Fiona Undy)
  • "Broken Dreams (Avon)" (music by Fiona Undy)
  • "Shadow (Del, for Deeta)" (music by Fiona Undy)


  • "Decree (Scorpio Crew)" (music by Cameron Undy)
  • "The Huntress (Dayna)" (music by Fiona Undy)
  • "Afraid of the Dark (Blake-- Gauda Prime)" (music by Narrelle Harris)

Art Gordon Undy (front cover)

Reactions and Reviews

Voices from the past" is one fan's perspective of "Blakes 7". It is Narrelle's perceptions of the characters and some of the pivotal aspects of the series told in her lovely words and set to what seems to me anyway to be very appropriate and often quite beautiful music. While I don't consider myself in any way expert in the judgement of music I just react to it as it seems to suit the words and enhances their impact. The songs trace the story of the seven from the beginning, when Blake in fervent anger throws off the chains of the Federation, until the end when Blake finds himself afraid of what the struggle has done to him. [1]


  1. ^ a portion of a review by Pat Fenech, the complete review can be found Judith Proctor's Blake's 7 site