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Name: VM Fic Recs
Date(s): Jan 1, 2014 - still active
Submissions: yes
Type: fic recs blog
Fandom: Veronica Mars
URL: http://vmficrecs.tumblr.com/
blog layout
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vmficrecs is a Tumblr blog founded and maintained by Kait and Suzanne. It was founded Jan 1, 2014 (when the first blog appeared) and could still be considered active as of December 2016, though the frequency of posts drastically decreesed starting August 2016.

Like many other similar fic recs blogs, vmficrecs offers an assortment of fic lists that group Veronica Mars fics by a common theme.

While catering to the entire fandom, due to moderators' interests (possibly, though no evidence is available) the majority of lists revolve around the Logan/Veronica relationship.