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Name: Vienna Waits
Alias(es): Vienna
Type: Fan writer
Fandoms: due South
URL: Stories posted to LJ
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Vienna Waits in due South Fiction Archive
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Vienna Waits was a writer in the due South fandom from 2005 to 2008 and wrote primarily Gen.

Writing style

In due South Author Profiles, Lucifuge5 says:

"As one of the few genfic writers in the fandom, [Vienna Waits] displays a talented hand while writing different kinds of stories within the same genre. She takes what could be so-so premises and makes them into really fascinating and entertaining fanfic. Her respect for everyone in the due South universe translates into high-quality stories that touch the heart, bring a smile to the reader's face and offer new observations on well-known characters. Her Fraser, RayK, Bob Fraser and even Diefenbaker voices will ring true to any due South fan." [1]

Notable Works

due South

  • Stronger (NC-17 for noncon and violence, flashfic.) This is a dark fic. Pitch-black and extreme (please, heed the warnings at the beginning of the story!) This is also about dignity and coming full circle. What starts as a mild fic--with Mort musing about his line of work--becomes a tale on the price of survival in the most horrible conditions. Vienna Waits gives us one of the reasons behind Mort's life-affirming perspective as well as how much his past continues to shape the man he is today.
  • The Pursuit of Happiness, or Chasing Serenity (G, 5401 words) Why is Frannie aiming at a pile of toilet paper with a Super Soaker? Who exactly is going to "get it" if she gets harmed? Why is Fraser trying to keep her from freaking out? This fic is so good (both funny and interesting), it could have been an actual due South episode. A big part of the awesomeness in this story is seeing Frannie using her smarts to go after what she wants without it being about getting a man/getting married/getting in Fraser's pants.
  • The Secret Life of Renfield Turnbull (G, 1691 words) This fic is based on The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. We follow Turnbull as he goes through his day, keeping the Canadian Consulate clean and running errands for Inspector Thatcher. In between one scene and the next, Turnbull's mind goes off into heavy instances of daydreaming, each more over the top than the previous one.
  • In Pork, There's Profit (G, ficlet) This story is a short scene of classic snark between Fraser and Dief. It involves the stock exchange, Fraser admonishing Dief and Dief doing whatever he wants. Cute to the point of being giggle-inducing, this is a story worthy of a read.


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