Vidding (2008)

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Title: Vidding
Creator: Francesca Coppa, Laura Shapiro, AbsoluteDestiny
Date(s): 2008
Medium: video
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Disambiguation: This article is on the 2008 short documentary series. For a discussion about the fan activity, see Vidding.

Vidding (2008) is a series of six short documentaries produced by the Organization for Transformative Works for inclusion in the Learning Library of MIT's New Media Literacies project. These films are part of a larger group of documentaries on remix culture, and the whole series is aimed at middle and high schoolers for inclusion in classrooms and after school programs.

The six parts of Vidding include: What is Vidding? (2:48), Technology and Tools (3:09), Good Vids, Bad Vids (3:18), I like to watch (3:19), Collaboration and Community (3:03), Why We Vid (3:50). They were directed by Francesca Coppa and edited by Laura Shapiro. Sound editing was done by AbsoluteDestiny.