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Name: Victor Vincent Fuentes
Also Known As: Vic
Occupation: Musician (lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of Pierce the Veil
Medium: Music
Works: Pierce the Veil discography
Official Website(s): Twitter,Instagram,Pierce the Veil official website
Fan Website(s): Fanpop
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Victor Vincent ‘Vic’ Fuentes is the lead vocalist and rhytm guitarist of American post-harcore band Pierce the Veil. He has also played keyboard on several of the band’s tracks.


Vic was born in San Diego, California on February 10, 1983 to parents Vivian K. Fuentes and Victor Gamboa Fuentes. He has one younger brother, Mike Fuentes, who is currently the drummer for Pierce the Veil. Along with fronting Pierce the Veil since 2006, Vic has been involved bands Cinematic Sunrise (2006) and Isles & Glaciers (2008-2010).

Vic Fuentes is currently dating Danielle Victoria. He has previously been involved in relationships with Laura Christine, Cara Crawford, Rachel Cohen and Welly Llewellyn.

In Fanfiction

As of January 23, 2016, there are 405 fanworks tagged with Vic Fuentes on the Archive Of Our Own.

Popular Pairings

Vic Fuentes/Kellin Quinn (lead vocalist of rock band Sleeping With Sirens), commonly referred to as “Kellic”

Vic Fuentes/Jaime Preciado (bassist of Pierce the Veil), commonly referred to as “Fuenciado”

Vic Fuentes/Tony Perry (lead guitarist of Pierce the Veil), commonly referred to as “Perrentes”

(note that Perrentes and Perriado are both terms that could refer to either of the Fuentes siblings)





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