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Name: Vaxen's Elemental Voyager
Owner/Maintainer: Vaxen
Dates: 20 April 2000 or before - 2016
Type: Janeway/Seven fanfic, vid and resource site
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
URL: (2016) (2001)
J/7 background image that is found on Vaxen's site
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Vaxen's Elemental Voyager (or PWaXen Vaxen Website) was Vaxen's Janeway/Seven femslash site, probably best know for Vaxen's Janeway/Seven Indexes which listed every know J/7 story and vid out there and were an invaluable resource for the fandom. There was also a spreadsheet version with opinions/recs.[1]

The site also features Vaxen's own J/7 stories and vids and a large collection of J/7 vidcaps.

Website description from Loving Is Perfection:
PWaXen Vaxen Website: Terrific lady, with an all you can ask for, well rounded site with tons of links, images, videos, and of course great fan fiction. An added plus for those of you who prefer less explicit stories, most of the fics on her site are PG, some R, but all are beautiful works and have brought me hours of enjoyment. Take a look.[2]

Vaxen's J/7 Fanfic

  • Element series. 14 interrelated stories.
  • The Love She Knows. (Rated R) Inspired by and based on "The Thing He Loves" by Boadicea.
  • Dubious Honor. (Rated PG) A vignette written in reaction to the episode "Fair Haven."
  • Daylight Savings Time. (Rated PG) A vignette about that lost hour.
  • Inner Child. (Rated PG) An encounter with an alien virtual world gives Janeway a second chance at childhood.
  • Imp of the Reverse.(Rated PG) The Doctor notices a change in the crew.
  • Reverse of the Imp. (Rated PG) A sequel to Imp of the Reverse
  • The Game Never Ends. (Rated PG) What happened after "Endgame?"

Vaxen's J/7 Vids

  • Thorn of the Rose. Lo Res (5Mb) Hi Res (9Mb).
  • Think of Me. Lo Res (5Mb) Hi Res (9Mb).
  • Hidden Element. Lo Res (5Mb) Hi Res (9Mb).
  • Out of the Dark. Lo Res (5Mb) Hi Res (9Mb).


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