Vanilla (sexual term)

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Synonyms: vanilla kink
See also: WAFF, Sekkushiaru Roman
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Vanilla is a term once commonly used to describe the tamest and softest of sexual content. Vanilla sex doesn't even use mild kinks, consisting of the basics: kissing, caressing, oral, penetration. It's commonly associated with romantic relationships.

Vanilla versus Kinky authors

Vanilla sex could often be criticized as "boring" by authors who preferred more spice in their porn, accusing writers of tamer sex of being anti-kink.

By contrast, some vanilla writers could be incredibly anti-kink.

The Beauty and the Beast fandom was an example of one that was decidedly vanilla, so much that the creation of the darker, kinkier Black Cover zine led to mass outrage and a response zine doubling down on the soft romantic sexual encounters.

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Non-sexual uses

Some fans used the term in a derogatory or self-deprecating way to describe fluffy ships.

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