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Name/s: Rheanna, rheanna27
Fandom/s: Stargate Atlantis (current); Battlestar Galactica, Angel, Stargate SG1, X Files, Next Gen
You can find me at: My fic archive; My LJ
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About Me

I am a lifelong media fan from the UK. I am primarily a fic writer, specialising in medium/long plotty stories with an episodic feel. I write gen, het and, more recently, slash. I am serially monogamous with fandoms, usually writing in a single fandom for a period of time ranging from months to years before moving on to something else, and my main fandoms are invariably science fiction or fantasy based. My level of fannish involvement tends to go in waves, and although I've been present in online fandom since 1998, there have been several long periods when I've gone back to lurking.

My Fannish History

My first fandom was Star Trek: The Next Generation from about 1988 to roughly 1994, then The X-Files from 1994 to about 1998. I wrote fanfiction for both shows, although without showing it to anyone or, indeed, suspecting that there might be anyone else who shared my hobby. While at university I wrote an X-Files novel called Jigsaw which was utterly dreadful but which taught me a lot of about writing, ie, how not to go about it. It was also a complete Mary Sue.

The X-Files was my portal to online fandom; I got online for the first time in 1998 and quickly discovered online fanfiction at places such as Gossamer [1] and It was here I read some of the fics which formed my introduction to the possibilities of online fandom: Iolokus [2] by MustagSally and RivkaT, Oklahoma [3]by Amperage and Livengoo, and others.

From 1998 to 2000, I was active in Stargate SG-1 fandom. I wrote and posted my first fic online, a gen story called Roses in December, which was archived at Heliopolis [4], which was then a central archive for SG1 fic. I wrote several more SG1 gen fics, which were also archived at Heliopolis, before moving to Angel fandom in 2000, late in the show's first season. Usenet groups were a less important part of fandom by then, and much fannish discussion had moved on to YahooGroups, previously egroups. I was active on the Angel Fanfic Workshop mailing list, moderated by Tara LJC O'Shea. I wrote fairly prolifically in Angel fandom between 2000 and mid-2003, and started writing mild het as well as gen. I co-wrote two novels, Splinter and A Stitch in Time, with Yahtzee, who I'd met on the Angel Fanfic Workshop list, and in the last stages of my involvement in the fandom, I wrote my first sexually explicit fic under the pseud inamorata.

I drifted out of Angel fandom in the show's fifth and final season and wrote little until a brief infatuation with the 'reimagined' Battlestar Galactica in 2005. I wrote only three BSG fics, although one (Twelve) was my first solo fan novel. I was mainly a het writer in the BSG fandom, focusing mainly on the Bill Adama/Laura Roslin and Starbuck/Apollo ships.

During 2006 and 2007 I was relatively inactive in fandom, writing only a few short, miscellaneous stories for fic challenges such as Yuletide and several Doctor Who gen stories. I had been a casual viewer of Stargate Atlantis for most of its run, but in early 2008 started to become more invested in the show, and started writing fic again. Although I've been reading slash for almost my entire fannish life, SGA has been the first fandom in which I've written it.