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Name/s: Katy,Kit-Kat, Kat
Fandom/s: Classic Disney, Teen Titans, ben 10, spongebob, jimmy neutron, Codename:kids next door, and more but i'm too lazy to list all the shows &movies i like
You can find me at: My Youtube

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My name is Katy. I make mostly cartoon fan videos , but i have made a few live-action ones. I even uploaded them to youtube. Also I first got into vidding in early 2009 after seeing a spongebob video. So i decided to make a spongebob fanvideo but however i admit i didn't do a good job on it. Also i first used wmm when making video but now i use sony vegas movie studio hd.

My favorite videos to make are crossover couple. I just love crossover pairngs.I laos love ponyboy curtis(the outsiders), and the adult andy(toy story 3).