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Name/s: Forodwaith, Northland, thenorthland
Fandom/s: LOTR, Angel, XF, Yuletide
You can find me at:
On Fanlore: My contributions / email me

Where to find me

  • forodwaith on LiveJournal [for now]
  • forodwaith on Dreamwidth [brand new, but will eventually become my main online presence]
  • email: thenorthland on gmail
  • some of my fiction: Northland on Skyehawke

How I got here

X Files was my gateway fandom in 1996-97, at least for discovering fanfic in all its permutations. But apart from a few timid forays into, I never interacted with other fans.

Buffy & Angel introduced me to online fan communities when I discovered the old Table Talk TV threads.

Lord of the Rings was the first fandom I wrote in as an adult; like many (most?) of us I wrote epically bad Mary Sues as a teen, but no-one other than my best friend and writing partner read them.

Sadly, these days Yuletide is the only "fandom" I write in regularly.