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Name/s: Lipsum, Lorem Ipsum, Greeked Text
Fandom/s: Supernatural, X-Men: First Class, Torchwood
You can find me at: lipsum@LJ, lorem_ipsum@DW, lipsum@AO3, greekedtext@Tumblr
On Fanlore: My contributions / email me

I've been reading fanfiction on the internet since 1998, but my connection to fandom started long before, as my parents are also massive geeks for science fiction. One of my parents used to own a stack of fic zines. I was published in a zine once, under my real name, because it didn't occur to my parents that I should have a pseudonym. This was before we heard of the internet.

I write a little bit. Once in a while I send a fic writer or a vidder some really epic feedback; it's a thing that I do.

Blanket Permission

Consider this paragraph your permission to record a podfic, write a sequel or remix story, or create any other non-commercial transformative work based on anything that I have posted at AO3. No need to contact me; I only ask that you 1) check the story itself on AO3 to see if I have added statement in the author's notes that the story is exempted from this BP statement, and 2) when you post your work, credit me with a link back to the original.

Also, please send me a link to your podfic/story/thing so that I can enjoy it!

Online fandoms in which I do not participate as much as I used to

  • Mercedes Lackey
  • Sentinel
  • OZ
  • LotR
  • Age of Sail
  • due South / C6D
  • Torchwood

Fandoms I have flirted with but not been very involved in

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • SGA
  • Doctor Who
  • Sherlock