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I discovered fanfiction in 95, slash in 98, and have been writing LotR slash since 2003 - my favourite pairing is Glorfindel/Legolas, but I love most elf slash. My longest story, a universe I have been working on since entering this fandom in 2003, deals with controversial themes like non-con, mpreg and bdsm. Apart from fanfiction, I am very interested in all of Tolkien's works, from his non-Middle-earth stories to his academic writing, and wrote my MA thesis on Tolkien's portrayal of masculinity.

While Tolkien fandom is my One True Love, I also read fanfic in many other fandoms like HP, Swordspoint or Merlin; and every now and then I am tempted to write a story in smaller, literary fandoms, especially when Yuletide comes around. I'm an avid reader of fantasy novels, especially those that also feature m/m pairings like the books of Ellen Kushner, Fiona Patton, Judith Tarr, Jacqueline Carey, Lynn Flewelling etc.

Since 2009, I have used the 3D program Poser Pro 2010 and Photoshop to create digital art - again, so far mostly of Tolkien's elves.

I am also the admin of the efiction-based Tolkien archive Faerie, which accepts all genres and ratings of Tolkien fanfiction.

You can find my stories at my website Loes Valthen (Golden Tresses), there you will also find fanart to go with my fics and scanned doujinshi (fan comics) featuring Tolkien's characters. I also archive at the AO3 (all fandoms) and Faerie (Tolkien fanfic)

You can find me on LJ and I have backups/crosspost all entries to Dreamwidth and InsaneJournal.

My art can be found on DeviantArt and for the more explicit images on y!gallery.