Until The Fall

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Title: Until The Fall
Author(s): Amorissy
Date(s): February 20, 2009 - May 8, 2010
Length: 285,876 words (48 chapters)
Genre: Rated M, Adventure/Romance, DG/Cain
Fandom: Tin Man (TV)
External Links: Until the Fall at FFN

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Until The Fall by Amorissy is a DG/Cain fanfic that takes place after the events of the miniseries and the first story Of Light.


Sequel to "Of Light". After an annual of living in the O.Z., DG and Cain set out to complete the task given to her by the Gale. Soon, she must learn that there is always more to everything than first meets the eye.

Comments & Reviews

As of December 3, 2015: stats on the story at FFN are 322 reviews, 80 favorites and 53 follows.