Understanding Christian Yu: The World of DPR IAN (An Interview With A Fan)

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Understanding Christian Yu: The World of DPR IAN (An Interview With A Fan)
Interviewer: Anitra (Say What Reacts)
Interviewee: DRP Ian - Christian Yu
Date(s): November 6, 2023 (interview date), December 10, 2023 (release date)
Medium: video (Youtube)
Fandom(s): Kpop
External Links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLgOO-cq-ss
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Anitra of Say What reacts interviews the Kpop artist DPR-IAN

An Interview With A Fan

Understanding Christian Yu: The World of DPR IAN (An Interview With A Fan) was a fan interview released onto Youtube on December 10, 2023. The reason this fan video was relevant is because this was a direct fan to artist interview that was asked for by the artist. This kind of direct fan-artist connection is made possible by the low barriers that social media creates between original artists and the fans that consume their work.

History of the Interview

Anitra is a maker of Reaction videos. She has reacted to a number of videos by the kpop artist DPR-IAN (Christian Yu). During one review she expressed a strong desire to interview DPR-IAN. He was watching the live broadcast, and posted that he would be happy to let her interview him. After an initial bout of disbelief where she believed that she was being pranked by a follower, she received a message on instagram from the artist showing that it was actually him. They arranged an interview a month later.

The edited interview contained insights on the artist's mental health, background, and the characters and themes used in his music videos. At the end of a three hour long interview where much of the material was cut out for being too spoilery, Christian Yu expressed appreciation to Anitra for her reactions. He said...

If it wasn't for (like) the reactions that you do, I would have never have known how people are receiving things and how that makes me feel. I'm extremely grateful. - Christian Yu (DPR IAN)[1]

Other Quotes

You are forever growing so how can you constantly be judged on for every single moment. - Christian Yu

Anitra: I just try to understand. DPR-IAN: It's an amazing gift that you have.

"I only have like um just (so many) people that I can talk to about this in my actual life, you know if not two like one maybe, so like for me like I think I've realized its just a lot of power in having just people understand you." - Christian Yu

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