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Forum · Message Board
Name: Ultimate My Chemical Romance Site
Date(s): ?-2009
Moderators/List Maintainers: Shaye, Kate, Belinda, Millie
Type: MSN group
Fandom: My Chemical Romance
URL: groups.msn.com/umcrs
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Ultimate My Chemical Romance Site aka UMCRS was a popular MCR fansite hosted on MSN Groups. It was prone to drama and at one point had 2500 members.[1]

The site included a number of canon resources, but mainly functioned as a message board. Fanfiction and fanart was posted in a section of the message board.

According to the Rules page, fanfic was required to include a rating, a disclaimer, a warning for rape if applicable, and be spell-checked.

The site went down in 2009, but another forum was set up at lefora.com.[2]


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