Tyler Seguin

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Name: Tyler Seguin
Also Known As: Segs, Seggy
Occupation: hockey player
Works: 1 Stanley Cup
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Tyler Seguin is a forward currently playing in the NHL. From 2011-2013 he played for the Boston Bruins, where he won a Stanley Cup. In July 2013 he was traded to the Dallas Stars; rumors said that his off-ice behavior and partying contributed to that decision. He is currently an alternate captain for the Stars.


There are many pictures of Seguin posing half-naked with his friends, often also half-naked. This has led to fandom talking about his "harem" of boyfriends.[1] He has a dog he loves very much, Marshall, that often appears in fic. In July 2013, Seguin came under fire for a homophobic tweet,[1] after which he claimed his Twitter was hacked; he later deleted it.

Tyler Seguin/Brad Marchand

While he was playing with the Bruins he was often paired with Brad Marchand (a "pest" on the ice that Bruins fans love and everyone else hates.)

Tyler Seguin/Tyler Brown

Fans have chronicled Seguin and Brown’s history of tweeting each other about holding hands, joking about the dates they used to go on, and the fact that they were for a time married on Facebook.

Tyler Seguin/Patrick Kane

Seguin and Patrick Kane spent the 2012 NHL lockout on the same team in Switzerland and apparently became good friends. Some fics had them falling in love, others as fuckbuddies while pining for Brown/Toews respectively. In fic after the lockout Seguin occasionally appears as a side character in Kane/Toews fic, as a friend and/or hookup of Kaner and/or a source of jealousy for Toews.

Tyler Seguin/Jamie Benn

The Dallas Stars wanted Seguin to play center for their talented star player and captain Jamie Benn. Seguin and Benn quickly developed chemistry "on and off the ice"[2] They even lived in the same apartment complex for a while. The pairing became popular pretty much immediately. In some fics the Bruins are portrayed as the "bad guys" that Seguin escaped by coming to Dallas.


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