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You may be looking for the Invisible Man zine, Twisted Sister.

Zine Publisher
Name: Twisted Tsister Publications
Contact: Vicki T
Fandoms: Man From Uncle, Lancer
Status: still publishing
Other: Click here for a complete list of this publisher's fanzines and awards
URL: Current website & WayBack Archive link to older website
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Twisted Tsister Publications has been publishing fanzines since at least 2005. They offer fanzines in both printed form as well as on CD. For a complete list of fanzines click here.

From their website: "We originally started out with zines. When we started brainstorming the zines we wanted to put out, we had certain ideas in mind. We wanted color, high quality, photo manipulation illustrations....

We also wanted to include multiple versions of some stories, one for all readers and one for a more adult audience. We found doing this in print would be prohibitive.....

That was when we decided on the two pronged approach to our zines. The print copy would be the story for all readers, with limited illustrations to keep the page count down. By adding a CD version of the zines, we could include both versions and all the illustrations we had decided to include."