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Name: A Turn of the Page (ATotP)
Date(s): mid-2003[1] – present (last updated c. 2009)
Archivist: I Got Tired of Waiting (igtow)
Founder: I Got Tired of Waiting
Type: fanfiction
Fandom: Harry Potter, others
URL: http://www.turn-of-the-page.com/
Updates mailing list at Yahoo! Groups
Feedback community (atotp) at LiveJournal
A Turn of the Page homepage (2019)
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A Turn of the Page is a private fanfiction archive run by I Got Tired of Waiting. Fiction is hosted by invitation only and the stories are password-protected. Readers must email the webmistress with their name, birthdate, and location in order to obtain the password to read the stories.

The archive appears to have been last updated in 2009, although it remains online as of 2019. It has a private Yahoo! group for site updates, created in February 2004 with 423 members as of February 2019.[2]

The site is slash-focused with a significant number of Harry/Snape stories. Authors archived on the site include I Got Tired of Waiting, Lydia Lovestruck,[3] and Accio Snape.[4] At least two authors including Bernice had their stories listed with links to external sites.[5] The site also hosts stories written for The Two Broomsticks Fall Fic-a-Thon, which are publicly accessible.

Archivist's Comments

igtow commented on the LiveJournal post 'Elite' archives? in March 2004:

I find this whole discussion interesting because I "own" one of these "invitation only" websites. I'd never really thought about it, one way or the other, because I am very specific about telling people up front that it is by invitation only and in the 8 months I have had it up, I have only had one person requesting to post and, although their story was immensely popular at the time, I turned them down because their story was not as well written as the ones I have posted and the storyline was "not my cup of tea."

I have my site, "Turn of the Page", up on the web for my pleasure; it contains the stories I like and spans several fandoms. It also houses my work, even some pieces I wouldn't dare submit anywhere else (they are so bad). I realise it is very small right now and I don't post there as often as I should, but time is time and I can only get to it when I am not writing (or feeling incredibly guilty at ignoring it.)

I originally started the site for my use, a back-up if you will, certainly more convenient than keeping stories on my hard-drive. Then other people found it, some of them children, so up went the password protection. I have over 1,200 registered users, so I guess there are some who like the concept. Small I know against the likes of ISF and others like it.

I look for new authors. I like their fresh perspective. I pursue more established writers, ones whose stories I like, and you would not believe the number of them who have turned me down because my site is not large enough or important enough to warrant their attention (and the two who "reconsidered", I derived great pleasure turning them down flat). I have a list of over 60 more authors I want to contact to post their stories, if they'll have me, but am trying not to ask more than I can post at a time (and yes, dear Lydia, I am almost ready to post your Trixie Belden Fics).

I would like to say that my site is there for "quality control", but the reality is the only quality I am controlling is the story itself. I have a couple of authors who couldn't 'grammar' their way out of a paper box, but the STORY is amazing and worth slogging your way through every misspelling and misplaced comma (like I should talk). And, as a rule, they get insulted if you offer to help them "fix" it. I choose the stories I want to post based on the story itself; generally I won't read it if it's not well written. So, if you ever go there, you'll find everything from the "classics" to the "newbies". As we say in Hawaii, it's a real "mixed plate". And I like it that way.[1]


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