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Star Trek VOY Fanfiction
Title: Turn Around
Author(s): Dangermom
Date(s): 1997
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
External Links: Read at AO3

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Turn Around is an Star Trek: VOY story by Dangermom.

It was posted at alt.startrek.creative and won an ASC Award for Best Paris/Torres.

Reactions and Reviews

DangerMom is another one of my favorite writers, with a sense of balance and proportion in her rendering of the P/T relationship that, well, just *works*, dammit! Romantic and sentimental in the very best meanings of the words. She can also write funny (as in "The Crayon Story") and she can write hot (as in "In the Midnight Hour," which I'm not sure has been posted yet, but oh, baby!). More, DM, more! [1]
This was the first P/T story I ever read, and the author has become one I enjoy immensely. I am *not* a P/Ter. I'll admit I first read this because I was out of new J/C. But the Paris and Torres here speak like the Paris and Torres we know on the show--except once they start becoming involved, they *still* sound like themselves. This has kept me reading the entire series. The dialogue is witty and true to character, and the internal conflicts within them both are terrifically written. I like how the story is woven through canon--one of my favorite things to do. I was particularly grateful for the strong writing of Chakotay and his protectiveness towards B'Elanna. Too often this once- strong friendship is ignored (especially on the show!) and Dangermom portrays it well here and in the rest of the series. [2]
This is the first chronologically in DangerMom's Daybreak series (not all of which has been posted here yet). It's a terrific piece, pretty close to canon, but just enough off to make it an alternate universe. Tom and B'Elanna talk and act like themselves, they're well-rounded people, not cardboard cutouts. Go read it. Enjoy it. You won't be sorry. [3]
DangerMom's stuff is wonderful. I love her continuing series and find myself waiting anxiously for the next part. (Whether it be a prequel, sequel or something in between. :) A believable plot about Tom and B`Elanna's progressing relationship...sometimes I think Voyager's writers should take a page from DangerMom... [4]
A very sweet and insightful look at the course of the Paris Torres relationship through season three. A good look into the characters thoughts and reactions. An endearing story. [5]
Danger Mom's stories are always beautifully written, technically and artistically. This compilation of stories tracing the burgeoning relationship of Tom and B'Elanna is full of the little touches that make the actions of the characters understandable and real. This Tom, B'Elanna, Chakotay, Doc, and Harry are all the characters I see on the show, yet they are true to Danger Mom's vision, too. If you haven't read her stories, what are you waiting for? [6]


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