Truth or Dare (Xena story)

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Title: Truth or Dare
Author(s): WordWarior
Date(s): January 1997
Fandom: Xena
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Truth or Dare is a Xena story by WordWarior. It portrayed Xena as dark and troubled, something that inspired many fan fiction writers to depict Xena in a similar manner.

Reactions and Reviews

The first few months of 1997 would include a number of other milestones in Xena fan fiction. January of that year would see the release of another classic, highly influential tale - Word Warrior's magnificent TRUTH OR DARE. Featuring a very dark, troubled depiction of the Warrior Princess, this story added new depth to the character of Xena in fanfic, exploring a side of the warrior which the TV series had only briefly touched on and which prior fanfic tended to ignore.[1]


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