Trust Me, I'm an Alchemist

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Title: Trust Me, I'm an Alchemist
Author(s): metisket
Date(s): 2020-04-24 to 2020-05-18
Length: 54,791
Genre: Crossover, Humor
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist, Yuri!!! On Ice
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Trust Me, I'm an Alchemist is a popular FMA/YOI crossover fanfic by metisket.

Regarding their inspiration, metisket wrote

Once upon a time, a friend persuaded me to watch Yuri on Ice by saying, “It’s like someone took a cute, gay romantic comedy and then randomly dropped Edward Elric right into the middle of it.”

Obviously my useless brain immediately started wondering what it would be like if Yuri Plisetsky were not just similar to Ed, but actually Ed. And that’s how this fic happened. In this version of FMA, assume Truth is a lot less calm and all-knowing, and a lot more inclined to panic in the face of an increasing number of human sacrifices.[1]

Reactions and Reviews

Trust Me, I'm an Alchemist has over 60K views on AO3 as of April 2022. It is also frequently included on rec lists for fans of FMA, and in many fan-curated collections on AO3. Fans frequently mention it as a fic they re-read regularly. [2][3]

What if everyone in Yuri!!! On Ice had to deal with Elrics instead of Yuri Plisetsky? The answer is mafia connections and secondhand trauma but also more friendship and general shenanigans! Incredibly crack-y premise and the beginning to set it up is a bit weird and confusing but I promise the rest of the fic is 100% worth it. So funny, so wonderful, I re-read my favorite bits of this at least once a week. Technically lots of shipping (this is YoI after all) but it’s all played for laughs/characterization, not particularly romantic. I would post a favorite quote like for the above but I couldn’t choose just one.
teashoptiramisu on tumblr [2]
Delightful characterization and a solidly beautiful voice for Ed. This one's on my reread list and thus far I've read it twice. The prose is so playful. Funnily enough, I've never actually watched Yuri on Ice and that has had had no negative impact on my enjoyment of this fic. I'm sure when I finally do watch YoI it will be that much more fun.
MoonSeaLost on AO3 [4]
Initial Read Date: Unknown

Re-Read Dates: 1-16-22


OH MY GOD. 'TRUST ME IM AN ALCHEMIST' BY METISKET. GODDDDDDDD i don't even LIKE yuuri on ice, and i have NO IDEA who all of these bitches are but i LOVE ITTTTT. the ONLY THING that would make this fic better would be like. an epilogue chapter. where viktor and yuuri flip the fuck out like OH MY GOD. whOMST. IS THAT. and ed and al have to be like 'soooo there's this other dimension... and this guy is famous for being able to blow people up by snapping his fingers :)' hhdshvkjahdj GOD. AUGHGHHHG
thrill_killz on AO3 [5]

Most readers seem to have come to the fic as fans of FMA fanfiction, but a few were drawn in by the YoI side of the crossover. [6]

This is a marvel.

I have a very...passing familiarity with FMA/FMA:B, but this made too much sense.

Things that have always baffled me about Yurio make sense with this lens.

Also, your text messages and Yuri's Angels newsletters were such perfect in-universe content. The voices!! Were!!! Perfect!!!!

I started rec'ing this before I finished the first chapter, and I stand by that choice now.
redstapler on AO3 [6]

Sequel Plans

The final chapter ended on somewhat of a cliffhanger, with Roy transported to earth due to his human transmutation attempt during Promised Day. While readers had a lot of praise for the dramatic ending, many also begged to know what happened next. Metisket discussed their plans in comments for "snapshots" of followup material, particularly immediate character reactions, in comments of the fic. They also discussed ideas for longer term developments, particularly what Roy and the Elrics would get up to, with commenters, although they were clear that these would never be written out in a full chaptered sequel fic.[7]

It's true! If I have motivation I may do time stamps? It's true that General Skater Confusion is going to be absolutely hilarious. Also Roy is going to have to become accustomed to being cornered and interrogated by Otabek about Life in Amestris on a pretty regular basis. XD
AO3 comment by metisket, 18 May 2020 [8]
The Elrics spend the next twenty years attempting to punch through the fabric of reality (maybe they eventually succeed?), while Roy gets bored and goes from owning a brothel a la Madam Christmas to taking over a government by means of organized crime.

Meanwhile, in Amestris, Hohenheim and Izumi Curtis punch the Homunculus in the face until it dies, and then Hawkeye and Olivia Armstrong team up to rule all the parts of the world that don't belong to Ling.

AO3 comment by metisk, 19 May 2020 [9]

Metisket also addressed several of reader's most pressing lingering questions, such as how well Hawkeye survived Promised Day without Mustang fighting beside her,[10] and whether Al or Sergei is the mysterious president of Ed's fan club.[11]

As of 2021, metisket has said that a sequel is "pretty unlikely"[12] but they have authorized and encouraged recursive works from interested commenters.[13]


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