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Synonyms: actifan
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According to Science Fiction Citation, a trufan is "a science fiction fan who adheres to the ideals and practices of fandom." The term might come from or have been popularized by a story published in a fanzine in 1954, The Enchanted Duplicator.

According to Fancyclopedia, the term is often synonymous with actifan, has a positive connotation, and is meant to be somewhat tongue-in-cheek.[1] However, media fans sometimes used it to describe exclusionary sf fans who look down on other fans:

I have a dream where media fen will no longer have to sit at the back of the ballroom during the panels, go through separate doors to con suites, or get soda from separate bathtubs. We will costume you in the halls, we will filk you around the jacuzzi, we will meet the tru-fen where ever they may be until victory is ours.[2]

But there's no term I know of for non-Trekkers! Oh, we can borrow the term 'mundanes' but do we really want to include in US, the trufen who think ST fans are jerks? No![3]


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