Trouble Magnet

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Trouble Magnet is a term used in the Sentinel fandom regarding Blair Sandburg's almost-constant state of peril.

Examples of Use

From the story "AWOL" by Shedoc: "Despite the protests Blair made when Jim called him a trouble magnet in his heart of hearts he thought there might be a kernel of truth in the idea. The Shaman attracted danger and the Sentinel banished it - the system worked well."

From the story, No Place Like Home by Lady Ra: "Jim had a nightmare vision of their latest homicidal maniac getting his hands on Blair. He wished he could laugh off Blair's comments, but the man attracted trouble like a picnic invited ants."

From the story, "The More Things Change" by Kathi C, "One thing that could be said about Blair Sandburg, and often was said, was that he was a trouble magnet. And what made it even worse was the fact that most of the trouble he found generally wasn't his fault. It was usually a case of wrong place, wrong time."