Transfinite Audiovisuals

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Name: Transfinite Audiovisuals
Members: Mark Denbow and Kim Lambert
Date(s): 1984
Focus: audiovisual slide shows
Fandoms: Blake's 7, possibly other fandoms
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Transfinite Audiovisuals was an early fan vidding collective that created audio visual slideshows set to music that were shown at Australian fan conventions.

It was started in 1984 by Mark Denbow and Kim Lambert. [1]

In 1984 the group was awarded a 'nice' Golden Caterpillar Award for their selfless contribution to Australian conventions.[2]

One slideshow was "Old and Wise" created by Shayne McCormack, Mark Denbow, and Kim Lambert. [3]

Reactions and Reviews

The most impressive, nay, the best Audio-Visual production I have seen based on Blake's 7 would have to be Transfinite's "Old and Wise". Transfinite was one of those common enough tales in fandom - a bunch of people who got so good at what they did in fandom that they turned pro, and fandom never saw them again. Transfinite's specialty was slide shows to music. Synchronized, and in some cases, multiple-screen. "Old and Wise" used the song of the same name by the Alan Parson's Project, and had three screens and more than three projectors (don't know how many more). When I saw it, at a Queensland convention, people were so caught up/moved that there was dead silence for about a minute after it finished, before people bestirred themselves to applaud. And then they showed it all over again. A video recording of it would be unable to do it justice, alas. How does the song fit in with B7? Well, if you take the first verse as spoken by Blake and the second by Avon, it fits very well. [4]


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