Trailer Park Boys

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Name: Trailer Park Boys
Abbreviation(s): TPB
Creator: Mike Clattenburg
Date(s): 1998-
Medium: television
Country of Origin: Canada
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Trailer Park Boys is a Canadian mockumentary about the inhabitants of a fictional trailer park.

About the Show

The series began as a short film which then grew into a television show.

After the 1998 short Mike Clattenburg made which was loosely based on the characters of Ricky and Julian; and after the well-received low budget (or more accurately "no budget") 72 minute movie called Trailer Park Boys which appeared at the Atlantic Film Festival in 1999. Clattenburg was approached by Producer Barrie Dunn... together (along with Robb Wells and John Paul Tremblay) they brainstormed the outlines for thirteen, one-hour long episodes. In November of 1999 Dunn and Clattenburg traveled to Toronto to pitch the idea...[1]

As of January 2009, seven seasons have been produced, along with a Christmas special and a feature-length film.

The actors who play the principal characters rarely appear out of character. The show frequently breaks the "fourth wall" -- boom mikes appear in the frame from time to time, and occasionally "the filmmakers" wind up getting drawn into the hijinks which ensue whenever Ricky and Julian try to implement a new dope-selling plan.

About the Fandom

TPB is part of 6 Degrees of Canada fandom, broadly-defined; the 2006 film had a guest appearance by CD6 core member Hugh Dillon.

The show is very slash-friendly. The two main protagonists, Ricky and Julian, are delightfully goofy and codependent (and end every season in jail together). And their primary nemesis in the trailer park, supervisor Jim Lahey, is canonically bisexual and is involved with a man named Randy. Ricky/Julian and Lahey/Randy are the fandom's primary slash pairings.

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