Toy Story (Sentinel story)

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Sentinel Fanfiction
Title: Toy Story
Author(s): Alana
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Sentinel
External Links: hopefully somewhere

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Toy Story is a Sentinel story by Alana.

Reactions and Reviews

Kass rec'd Toy Story by Alana, on Prospect, and I have to agree. Not necessarily the best characterized story out there, but hot, hot, hot, and nothing that really jabbed me in the suspend disbelief keister.[1]
So, it's been seven months since I made a rec. I've read some stories during that time, but I don't click my 852 Prospect bookmark five times a day like I used to, a habit which always gave me a headstart on story recs. Even so, Jim and Blair still push my buttons big time, and though it's weird--and perhaps kind of pointless--to start in once again reccing stories that everyone has already read, I say, what the hell. I think we're still roping in a fair number of newbies every year, and maybe they'll come here one day and find this page useful.

This story is exactly what it sounds like, and it has a fun straightforward style.

Eventually I get to the point and ask her the dildo vs. butt plug question. Basically what it comes down to is preference. Well, I'm sure as hell not going for the butt plug; a dildo it is. But choosing one? All I can say is, there is no way I'm putting some dolphin-shaped thing up my butt. And the Virgin Mary? Even aside from the whole Jewish thing, that's just...well, kind of funny, actually. But still a big no. Why you should read this: Scaldingly hot sex, scrumptious descriptions of Jim that ignite vicarious lust (or, hey, just lust), solid pacing and style and voice, and all in all much creamy goodness. Alanna has another good story, written with Kass, "Testing." Check it out. The characterization premise is a bit of a stretch, but who cares, it's still yummy.

What might throw you off stride: I'm thinking, you know, the dildos and stuff. But I've never really liked sex toys in slash stories before, and I liked this. Talent makes anything possible. You can be a Broadway star! You can make silicone sexy! There's also the timing of the story--in terms of the series--which not everyone may credit, but it shouldn't throw you out of the story.[2]
Tonight I'm going with scorchingly hot instead of humor. :) Oh Blair's funny alright, but the sex. Oh my the sex is hot. And did I mention that it's got toys as the title implies, and we have rimming and we have sex. Yes, folks, actual sex. And it's GOOD sex too!!! It's just a hot little porny piece, nice and light and totally in Blair's voice. Alanna has her characterizations down pat and her writing pace is killer. You'll love it, go read!!! And, don't forget to feed the author!! [3]
Best FF That Features the Phrase "Mi Dildo Es Su Dildo," Which, Frankly, I Don't Think Should Ever Be Uttered by Anyone: Toy Story, by Alanna, aka bayleaf. The Sentinel, Jim/Blair. Yes, it's an all-TV-show recommendations set! Apparently television characters are big on the car sex concept. Or maybe I'm just a helpless TV show fangirl. Whichever. This story wins two prizes from me. First, the Chutzpah Award, for portraying sex in a car parked in a police station's garage. How many people have done that? (Note that I said people, not fan fiction characters; I could assemble almost a complete nominations set built around this concept alone.) And, second, the Mysterious Lack of Chutzpah Award, because I think we can all enjoy the spectacle of Blair getting embarrassed in a sex toy shop. Evidently Blair never learned the girl decoy trick, where you give a girl the money and a detailed description of the dildo or vibrator you want and halfway through you realize this is actually worse than telling a stranger and you should've just shopped on the internet, because the girl is laughing so hard complete strangers keep wanting to give her seizure medication. At least she's laughing that hard when she's me. I'm sure those in the audience are much kinder to their male friends on these occasions. [4]


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